Maintaining the value of your car.

Servicing your car regularly will keep it in good working order and help to keep you safe. It will also help to preserve its value over time.

You might use your car mainly for short trips, this is classed as a low mileage user or you might be a high mileage user, either way many of the parts on your vehicle will suffer from wear and tear or deterioration over time.

Servicing your car on a regular basis helps keep it in tip-top condition running smoothly, efficiently and safely. Regular servicing also enables you to identify faults sooner rather than later when they will have developed into bigger problems which could be more expensive to repair

There may come a time when you would like to sell your car and having a car that is regularly serviced and well looked after with up to date service record will help with its resale value.

Interim Service

We will change your engine oil and filter as well as check other key fluids ensuring that they are topped up. We will also check your brakes, steering, wheels and inspect your vehicle for any fluid leaks. This level of service is for appropriate for high mileage users between full services

Full Service

This is an important part of your regular service schedule and usually carried out on an annual basis if you drive up to 12000 miles per year. Wear, damage, safety, leak checks are carried out on a variety of components and parts to ensure that they are working as they should. Engine oil, filter and other fluids are checked and topped up. If necessary we will also check your car’s electronics for fault conditions.

Major Service

Major Services are typically carried out every 2years or 240000 miles, whichever comes sooner. You get all of the benefits included in a Full Service, however a Major Service covers a wider range of components, modules and parts. For example the fuel filter will be changed to ensure a smoother flow of fuel to the engine. The Major Service includes a more comprehensive range of checks that the Full or interim Services and is an essential part of your servicing schedule.