Our purpose is to deliver value

Established in 1986 with the aim of creating a garage that offers real value for money, a first class level of service and happy customers.
With over 30 years hands on experience within the motor industry our solutions have been used time and again to help customers in Herts, Beds and Bucks resolve their motoring problems.

Simply put we have one goal that is to provide you with a one-stop shop where you can get information, advice, help and support for your motoring needs. It could be that you need an MOT, a service, a repair or want to purchase a car, whatever it is you need we have a team of dedicated professionals here to provide you with assistance.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and will not confuse you with jargon or leave you wondering how much it will cost to fix a problem. Some garages, because of their charging policy, have given our industry a bad name, we seek to restore trust and you will never pay a penny more than what was agreed and we never incur additional cost without your express permission.

Our core values are based around honesty and value and we have grown our business on this basis.

As a result we have a reputation that we are proud of and one that helps propel our business from strength to strength. Our customer tell their friends and family about us and return to us time and time again because they know we are a garage that offers a service that they can trust.

Meet the M. Chapman Auto Services team

Mike Chapman
Jayne Chapman
David Truscott
Sam Chapman
Craig Chapman